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2020 Barron’s “The Trader” Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data

Dec 24

Small-Caps Have Been Too Hot. Here’s What It Means for the Stock Market.
These days, good things really do come in small packages. But are they getting too good?
S&P 500: 3703.06

Dec 18

The Stock Market’s 2021 Surprise: A Booming Economy and Tepid Returns
An abnormally bad year brought abnormally large gains for the stock market in 2020. A return to normalcy, however, could bring disappointment.
S&P 500: 3709.41

Dec 11

The Dow Snapped Its Two-Week Winning Streak. Why This Week’s Pause Was Good.
An IPO frenzy is under way—rekindling memories of the tech bubble and the stock market tumble that followed. Such fears are overblown.
S&P 500: 3663.46

Dec 4

Stocks Hit New Highs as Reopening Euphoria Rages On. Can It Last?
The economy looks to be stalling. The market, on the other hand, has no brakes.
S&P 500: 3699.12

Nov 27

Why the Stock Market Keeps Rising — and Why Its Next Test Comes Next Week
It’s as if the stock market adopted Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as its mantra on the way to record highs this past week.
S&P 500: 3638.35

Nov 20

The Stock Market Is Getting Support From a ‘Vaccine Put.’ Here’s What That Means.
More good news on the vaccine front made last week’s bad news tolerable for the stock market, at least for now.
S&P 500: 3557.54

Nov 13

The Stock Market Didn’t Need Tech Stocks to Hit a Record High Last Week. What Happens Next.
A wild week of trading may have given investors a peek at what’s to come in 2021—and a blueprint for how to trade the market.
S&P 500: 3585.15

Nov 6

The Stock Market Doesn’t Care Who the President Is
A recovering economy will make sure the stock market keeps winning regardless of the election outcome.
S&P 500: 3509.44

Oct 30

Stock Market Suffered Its Worst Week Since March. Here’s What Hit It.
Something freaked out the stock market this past week—and investors are still wondering what hit them.
S&P 500: 3269.96

Oct 23

The Dow Dropped This Past Week. Why It’s Time Put Your Worries Away.
Forget the election. Forget stimulus. The market is getting ready for better economic growth.
S&P 500: 3465.39

Oct 16

Make Up Your Mind, Already: Inside the Stock Market’s Indecisive Week
If the world feels more mixed up than usual, take comfort in the fact that the stock market is reflecting that confusion—and holding up just fine.
S&P 500: 3483.81

Oct 9

This Is What’s Causing the Stock Market to Rise.
Sometimes the “why” is less important than the “what.” And that’s particularly true for investors right now.
S&P 500: 3477.13

Oct 2

Trump’s Positive Covid Test Added a New Wrinkle for the Stock Market. Why It Can Keep Heading Higher.
When President Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus, the news introduced a heap of uncertainty into the markets. This week, at least, stocks seemed to take the news in stride.
S&P 500: 3348.44

Sept 18

The Tech Boom Is Slowing. Here’s What Could Be Coming Next.
The stock market is currently facing uncertainty on myriad fronts, but investors betting on one theme—the unfolding economic recovery—appear sanguine.
S&P 500: 3319.47

Sept 11

Next Year Looks Rocky for the Stock Market No Matter Who Wins the Election
History tells investors what will happen in 2021. That’s the good news. The bad news? Next year will be rocky.
S&P 500: 3340.97

Sept 4

Tech Stocks Finally Got Crushed. Why the Stock Market Is on Shaky Ground.
After August’s remarkable gains, we were wondering what the stock market could do for an encore. The answer: produce some remarkable losses.
S&P 500: 3426.96

Aug 28

The Stock Market Is a Runaway Train Nothing Can Stop
This very well might go down as the week the stock market officially went crazy.
S&P 500: 3508.01

Aug 21

Fewer Stocks Are Participating in the Market’s Rally. Why That’s Not a Disaster.
The S&P 500 index hit a record high last week, but it’s probably fairer to say that Apple (ticker: AAPL) stock hit an all-time high and the index simply followed.
S&P 500: 3397.16

Aug 14

The Bear Market Is Nearing an End. The Bubble Might Just Be Getting Started.
It’s as if the bear market never happened. And maybe it didn’t.
S&P 500: 3372.85

Aug 7

Gold, Apple Stock, and Just About Everything Else Is Flying. There’s a Reason for That.
The Nasdaq Composite cracked 11,000 this past week—and all anyone wants to talk about is negative real rates.
S&P 500: 3351.28

Jul 31

Why This Rally Still Has Room to Run
Investors are trading scared. But they should hold on to hope—for now.
S&P 500: 3271.12

Jul 24

Another Reason Tech Stocks Tanked: A Weak Dollar
The dollar’s drop wasn’t the only reason for the Nasdaq’s retreat, but of all the reasons for the tech-heavy index’s decline, it got the least attention.
S&P 500: 3215.63

Jul 17

Tech Finally Took It on the Chin. Why Its Reversal Is Worrisome.
Everyone loves tech stocks—but signs are emerging that the market is starting to love them less.
S&P 500: 3224.73

Jul 10

The Market’s Reckoning Is Almost Here. It’s Not Just About Earnings.
The index has had larger daily moves than its overall monthly change in all but one trading session in the past month.
S&P 500: 3185.04

Jul 2

The Dow Gained 812 Points This Week. Why Investors Should Fear the Wrong Kind of Rally.
Everything’s gone sideways—and that might be good news for the stock market.
S&P 500: 3130.01

Jun 26

The Dow Just Had a Very Bad Week. It Could Get Worse.
Ever since coronavirus first came on the scene, it was easy to blame force majeure for the market’s stumbles. This was the first week when the drop felt self-inflicted.
S&P 500: 3009.05

Jun 12

The Dow Fell 1505 Points for the Week. Why Investors Shouldn’t Fret.
Investors didn’t learn anything in the past five days that should have shaken their conviction in a market rally led by economically sensitive stocks.
S&P 500: 3041.31

Jun 5

The Stock Market Is Always Right
Ever since stocks bottomed on March 23, we’ve been wondering how the S&P 500 index —up 43% from then through Thursday’s close—could keep going higher. Now we know.
S&P 500: 3193.93

May 29

The Dow Rallied Again for the Week — but New Worries Are Adding Up
The differences in market returns have been like night and day—and sometimes literally so.
S&P 500: 3044.31

May 22

All the Reasons the Stock Market’s Gains Are Not to be Trusted
We’re always reminded that it’s darkest before the dawn, but never that it’s always brightest before the dusk. That’s something investors might want to remember following a stellar week for stocks.
S&P 500: 2955.45

May 15

The S&P 500 Was Stopped in Its Tracks Last Week. Here’s Why Another Drop Could Be in the Offing.
Whenever the market drops, investors start worrying about whether the floor is really in. They should be worrying about the ceiling instead.
S&P 500: 2863.70

May 8

Stock Valuations Are Near Dot-Com-Era Levels. Don’t Expect a Bust This Time.
Welcome to one of the most expensive stock markets in history. Thankfully, it doesn’t matter.
S&P 500: 2929.80

May 1

The S&P 500 Had a Rally for the Ages. Now It Gets Messy.
For the past two months, the market has been following story lines as simple as any fairy tale. Get ready for a Pynchonian turn.
S&P 500: 2830.71

Apr 24

12 Stocks to Buy if Buybacks Go Away — and 13 to Avoid
The coronavirus outbreak has put an end to a decade-long trend toward more companies buying back more of their own shares as firms dash to save cash wherever they can.
S&P 500: 2836.74

Apr 17

The Market Had a Breakout Week — Unless You Were a Small-Cap Stock
America loves favorites, and these days they come in pretty much one size only—the bigger the better, at least when it comes to the stocks we buy.
S&P 500: 2874.56

Apr 10

Stocks Just Had Their Best Week in Decades. Now Comes the Drop.
Telling investors to sell now, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, feels a bit like yelling fire in a crowded room—even if there are no crowded rooms anymore. Still, it feels like the right thing to do.
S&P 500: 2789.82

Apr 3

The Dow Dropped 584 Points This Week. Why That’s Good News.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell nearly 3% this past week. We call that progress.
S&P 500: 2488.65

Mar 27

The Dow Just Had Its Best Week Since 1938. It’s Time to Go Shopping for Beaten-Up Stocks.
New fiscal and monetary measures and signs of improving liquidity in several markets helped ignite a three-day megarally spanning Tuesday to Thursday this past week.
S&P 500: 2541.47

Mar 20

Stocks Revisit 2008 as Economy Looks Even Grimmer
Beset by the mass response to the coronavirus pandemic, the economy skidded to a halt and the markets suffered historic losses.
S&P 500: 2304.92

Mar 13

It’s Time for Warren Buffett to Get Greedy. Here’s What He Might Be Looking to Buy.
Warren Buffett has famously said that investors “should be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” With financial markets in turmoil, the Berkshire Hathaway CEO has the opportunity to follow his own maxim.
S&P 500: 2711.02

Mar 6

When Will the Stock Market Recover? The Pain Isn’t Over.
It’s the end of the world as we know it—but at least the stock market finished higher. Just don’t expect it to last.
S&P 500: 2972.37

Feb 28

This Downturn Might Just Be Getting Started. Let the Recession Watch Begin.
The stock market fell too far this past week. The stock market didn’t fall enough. Both of these statements might be true.
S&P 500: 2954.22

Feb 21

Stocks Drop on the Week but Still Look Bubbly. Time to Prepare for a Correction.
A stock-market meltup is happening right under our noses. And though we don’t quite have a definite sign that a bubble in equities is forming, several market statistics are concerning.
S&P 500: 3337.75

Feb 14

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Gained 1% This Week. Let It Ride?
Saturday night might be all right for fighting, but Friday sure seems to be the preferred day for selling.
S&P 500: 3380.16

Feb 7

Coronavirus? Slower Growth? The Dow Just Had a Spectacular Week.
They say the best defense is a good offense. The U.S. stock market may offer both.
S&P 500: 3327.71

Jan 31

The Dow Finally Took the Coronavirus Seriously and Dropped 733 Points.
Like a houseguest who has overstayed his welcome, the coronavirus has been in the headlines long enough that the market couldn’t ignore it any longer—and it won’t be as easy to evict.
S&P 500: 3225.52

Jan 24

The Stock Market Finally Finds a Reason to Fall. What Comes Next?
Perceptions of the stock market, unfortunately, can shift in a matter of days.
S&P 500: 3295.47

Jan 17

The Dow Could Hit 30,000 Five Years Ahead of Schedule. It Won’t Stop There.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is going to hit 30,000—and don’t expect it to stop there.
S&P 500: 3329.62

Jan 10

The Dow Rises 189 Points for the Week, Despite Mideast Tensions
Rising U.S.-Iran tensions quickly went from an incendiary issue to a nonissue for global markets this past week.
S&P 500: 3265.35

Jan 3

The Dow Was Waiting for a Reason to Drop. The U.S. Air Strike Supplied It.
If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And this time it was the targeted killing of an Iranian general that caused the stock market to finish the week in the red.
S&P 500: 3234.85